3d mediawayzlogo

Mediawayz.space founded by Dirishraj Bhawaneedin 

in 2020 and launch the services in September 2021.

Mediawayz is a multimedia service provider based in Mauritius Island for the field of Graphic Design and 

IT services. 

We choose multimedia because of the creative mind behinds advertisement, information videos, and many other types of content which you come across
in your daily life while watching television and using your smartphone. 

What we do?

We provide many services such as  - 
Logo and Brand design, Advertising design (Banner, Poster, Billboard, Ads), Business Card & Stationary Design, Clothing Design/Logo, Packaging Design,  Web Design, Digital Marketing, Social Media Artwork (Inc: Post, Pages, layout), 3D animation, Artwork, Drawing/ Digital Drawing, Software Design and Provides, Photo and Video editing and Free Mobile Apps and Free PC Software. 

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